The wait…

Draped in a grand Silk sari, adorned with traditional gold jewellery, intricate henna designs, Kaajal to brighten her beautiful eyes, head laden with jasmine flowers – the everyday girl is a bride today. As people around her hustle to get rituals in place, she sits demurely, bowing head to thank God one last time – before she heads out to holds hands of a man who will take her to new beginnings- her wait is coming to an end…


Calicut, India
12 th May 2012


Toes for Tango

These tiny feet have immense power. Though they dont walk yet – they call for attention that no one can escape. No longer are things in place, no longer can a plan work – clearly the boss of the house has changed
The owner of these feet is a tiny one herself. She looked at them with awe – are they mine, she thought?? Today she knows they are hers and in her control – so she does what she does to any other thing around – She sticks them into her mouth!!
Dear God, Choicest of your blessings and the best of world – is it too much that we ask for her?


16th September 2014
Bangalore, India

An olive branch


The only city in south of india to have had a strong muslim influence- Hyderabad, Andra Pradesh. The city today stands divided – old Hyderabad which retains the monuments, culture and dilect as left by Mughals, and the new Hyderabad – that houses Hubs of several Leading IT companies.
Created in 1591, the Charminar is one of the very few monuments in India which has common man walking past it every second. And the religion of this common man is not important as he makes his travel past this monument.
If the monument had a voice, it would ask the people around it be as tolerant as it has been, and ensure everyday on earth, there be no death or discrimination in name of religion.

December 2011,
Hyderabad, India



Naughty, active, ready to pounce on the next moving thing, they work together in good times and bad. Sometimes they find joy in running around aimlessly feeling the wind on their tongue, sometimes they find joy in just chasing everyone around, sometimes bark in attempt to scare people around, and only one time, they decided to sit down and figure out what the man with black thing in his hand was upto….

December 2012
Hyderabad, India

Green Conference


They stand merrily and talk to each other about everything they see. The moment they grow out of stories, they stretch themselves and grow taller. Happy now they see more land, more people..and more lives. So the next time you hear trees rustle, they are talking, listen carefully… Mr photographer, did you hear them?

September 2011
Seattle, USA

Little Mr Sunshine


It’s the last good bye to the sun in year 2011. At the shores of miami beach, the sun looks this elegant every day.At its mildest in the day, it left us in dark, and somewhere in the other part of earth, people eagerly welcomed it to start their new day. Sunset or sunrise, it leaves us with hope of a new and better day.

December 2011
Miami Beach, Florida

‘Wonder’ why


A Hyundai santro, and loads of animated conversations to find directions got us to the wonder of world called chichen-itza. Ugly lizards, rows of small shops, bunch of humans, blazing sun, clear blue sky, and dry dust give it company through the day. Sturdy stones placed one over the other to give it a pyramid shape.And One wonders from a distance if this really qualifies to be a man made wonder..and when you get closer, the monument starts talking to you – you clap your hands in front of it, you hear it cry like a move to a side, and suddenly the edges of the monument reveal serpents in the shadow that it casts. The monument stands witness to the Mayan age that created it to the ones where people make money out of it.

May 2012
Chichen Itza, Mexico