Relentless hard worker. Patient and Persistent. Freedom lover. Foodie. Baby charmer. Multilingual. Traveller who walked the roads least travelled. Adventurous yet calculated in approach. Meticulous planner. Best companion for endless, aimless drives. Plants an element of surprise in every plan. Carries a hidden bag of unheard stories. A Rebel. Witty. Care taker. Man in charge. Mr Fix-it. Explorer. Music lover. Amateur Photographer. Stylish. Reader. Chivalrous. Black coffee(sugarless) drinker. Dreamer. Generous heart. Smart brain. Helping hand. Happy feet. Mammas boy. Sisters first love. Friends Pride. Tall, dark and handsome. Lives like there is no tommorrow.


Alter Ego : Krish, Santosh
Thing that one would notice first: Height, dimple in the smile.
Favourite Color: Black
Hails from: Bengaluru


Chef Admirer. Cookery Crazy. Turned on by Urdu. Realistically spiritual. Extremely hard to please. Kitchen Goddess. Chai drinker. Avid reader (and writer). Loyal Listener. Secret Keeper. Miss Motivator. Travel Freak. Baby hugger. Beach Lover. Secret Painter. Brutally Honest. Photogenic. Bossy. Professionally successful woman. Geeky Developer. Fashion Watcher. Perfume admirer. Independent Bird. Smooth Talker. Patient as a tree. Day Dreamer. Obedient daughter. Dominant Sister. True Friend and a human being!


Alta Mater: Mal, Jo, Jyotsi.
Thing that one would notice first: Bright Eyes
Favourite Color: Deep Purple
Hails From: Mumbai


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