Royal walk

Every one wishes life to be picture perfect, and then comes a day when the picture becomes reality and one is walking through it…
A smile on face, peace in mind, happiness in every beat – that’s what one has when life offers the best and treats him royally…
With his paws placed on softest lush green grasses, breathing the fresh morning air in Seattle, and master by his side, Duke could not help smiling to the camera as he took the royal walk.


    September 2011
    Seattle, USA


Food for thought


The 500 lbs creature makes no attempt to hide its joy as rewards for its labour makes way into it’s mouth. It knows not how well it performed, that it’s being photographed, that people travel miles to see it, that it’s going rare today, that it’s intelligent than its fellow species, that it could take holidays, that it could find it’s own food if it was left free…
Hungry stomachs bow down to the hands that feed them…

August 2011
San Antonio, Texas

White offering

Sitting at a table in hard rock cafe, cancun, with a hungry stomach, food ruled mind. A ray of sun got the water in glass to shine merrily, photographer followed the light to find the door right behind opened to a world where deep blue ocean met sand, and people met serenity.
Sometimes the biggest surprises of your life lie right behind you. All you need to do is turn…


May 5th, 2012
Hard Rock Cafe, Cancun, Mexico

Guardians of Earth

Thousand Gods pile up to tower over the zillion of humans who visit them everyday. Tourists are awed by its mangnamity, believers are tied to it by their faith, followers found the place by accident,many bow down to the serenity on the face of the Goddess Meenakshi,some fail to see the power. But when the doors of this temple open, and the Goddess awakens, many prayers are answered – Strength of goodness and purity in a prayer is reaffirmed here everyday.
The stone-man outside the temple and the photographer witnessed it all.

June 20th, 2012
Meenakshi Temple, Madurai, India

All for more

Years ago, the then sole indian pop singer Remo crooned in Indian television – and told the world Pepsi is in india – aha!
Bro and I sat wide eyed staring at the satisfaction and happiness that was on the face of Remo and several others who drank the Pepsi. The partners in every crime and achievement, decided drinking Pepsi was the next big thing to work towards.
Money was the issue- it would never come easy. Bro said the mission required a lot of patience.Age 5 and 7 promised each other all money that can be gathered needed to be saved and would go into a bank – buying a piggy bank was definitely not an option, so a toy was operated to serve the purpose. Coins of all kinds made it to the bank – though smaller in denominations, they were getting us closer to the richness we wanted. End of month, the bank was getting fed, but our discussions around the Pepsi was so frequent and well known to mom and dad – that they surprised us with the Pepsi bottle one day.
Bro and I were sure we had the same happiness and greatness of Remo when we were gulping down the Pepsi noisily. Happy, bro advised, money could be used later on too. The dreams of that night on were different than that of Pepsi, and the bank was long forgotten.
Years later, moms birthday needed a gift and hence funds. As again, the bank was pulled out – 4 Rs made out of several 5 paise coins was definitely not enough. RBI had stopped use of 5 paise. Suddenly a new strategy had to be devised to start the saving again.
What we saved then was good for then, but not for now.
That piggy bank moved with us to different houses that we shifted to – and there were moments of pride when mom or dad asked if the bank could lend some 25-50 paisa.


Bank gave us priceless memories – And lessons – Money going into the bank seemed big enough. But they seemed to have lower value when we tried to fit them against our needs.
Money seldom grows as much as our needs, wants and wishes.

July 8th

Standing white


Standing in the simplest and purest of color in between various hues of nature, this house is surrounded by calmness of water, strength and might of mountains, simplicity and abundance of both tiny green and dried up grasses, and a tree of faith.

The house was unknown to the world, until this photographer set out on his journey.

February 27th 2012,
Somewhere in Scotland, UK.

Mind works

Close your eyes to dream, to pray, to refrain from seeing the wrong, to see your loved ones, to feel every bit of happiness around you, to be with yourself. But when you open them – they will have to face the reality.
Clicked then in London, a visit to which was a dream come true. Today, Out on an another journey with a belief strong to make the reality what we want to see.

March 1st 2012,
Close to London bridge, London, UK.